Rachel Yokel
Rachel Yokel


ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor
Certified Asana Yoga Assistant


Rachel Yokel

Rachel attended her first S.L.A.M. class in October 2022 and was hooked right away! As a stay-at-home mom of 2 (4-year old daughter, Norah & 1-year old son, Max) she loved the outlet it provided and the community it offered. It didn’t take long for Rachel to want to get more involved, and in October 2024 she became a certified ACE group fitness instructor. Rachel is a Charlotte native and Winthrop University graduate. Rachel has an extensive professional background in sales and marketing from her nearly decade long stint at ScentAir Technologies, but her true colors shine brightest when she’s in her natural element as a coach and leader. S.L.A.M inspired Rachel to broaden her fitness pursuits and in fall of 2023 she completed her first half marathon in her husband’s hometown of Pittsburgh. Rachel is excited to bring her enthusiasm and knowledge around exercise science, running, and yoga to Mom’s across Charlotte!

Rachel followed SLAM Charlotte long before taking her first class. The fear of judgment of not being strong enough or fast enough kept her from joining in. Upon taking that first class she realized how far that thought was from the truth. All the coaches and members are supportive through workout and motherhood. As an instructor Rachel pledges to welcome, support and motivate you to do your best and to reach your goals.

It takes a village but no one says how to find that village. Rachel found hers in SLAM. She wants to be a beacon for other moms that also enjoy moving outside. Having fun while accomplishing a goal is something to be proud to model in front of your kids no matter how young or old.